Hi. I'm Blake Myers And I Do Website Stuff.

Here's all the stuff I do.

Design Stuff

You got a website that needs designed? Or a website that needs upgrading? I can do it with both aesthetics and performance in mind.

Performance Stuff

Let's face it. Performance matters. I make sure all code, images, and assets are a lean, mean and an optimized machine! It helps, trust me.

Plus Responsive Stuff

You need a fully responsive website? Well, that's the kinda stuff I love to do! But if you want a static website, I can do that as well.

Even Logo Stuff

Need a logo for your company that will work with multiple mediums? Oh, look, I do that stuff too!

Also Consulting Stuff

Sometimes you just need someone to take a step back, look at your website and test the user experience.

Finally, W3C Stuff

To top everything off ... we love to make our stuff as W3C standards compliant as possible.

Thanks for the message! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Xenoplexus Webstudios, LLC

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